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“Weiss’ gritty stories are beautifully observed, spare on judgment, as they explore complicated lives and relationships. ”

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“Utah author Kara Weiss’ ability as a writer shines. Her writing is succinct and clear yet detailed…There isn’t any extraneous fluff in her stories, and she cuts to the gritty core of what this trio of friends grapples with.”


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“The writing in this book is so tight that I’m kind of in love. The way the stories weave in and out is very elegantly done, and all of the characters (leads and minor alike) will break your heart.”


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Kara Weiss did an amazing job of telling these stories with both compassion and a dose of reality and will change the way people feel when faced with the same dilemmas…I would highly recommend this book to each and every person that can get their hands on it. Not only was it heartbreaking but it was also intriguing, distressing and made me feel quite hopeful.”


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“The stories in Late Lights are finely crafted; Kara Weiss is a young writer to watch. There were stunning moments in each of the stories, and “Late Lights” and “Something Familiar” are superb… I would recommend Late Lights for readers who enjoy reading linked stories, and for fans of gritty realism. I found Late Lights realistic, compassionate, and gripping. This relatively brief book is deeply moving and memorable, the characters hauntingly real.”


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“Without spelling things out, she evokes the tension and drama of teenage desire and fear as well as the heavy weight of what is unsaid. There’s only 120 pages or so to this book but the stories have heft and weight.”

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“In 123 pages, Weiss is able to develop her characters more than some authors can in 400. Late Lights is a gorgeous example of the powerful storytelling that can be packed into the limited space of a novella and Kara Weiss is certainly a young author to watch.”


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“[Late Lights] is intensely emotional, with a lot of stuff below the surface. Even though you will get through it quickly, you will need a little time to digest it. Fans of short stories, particularly interwoven collections, will enjoy this book.”

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“…The writing is fantastic. The descriptions are vivid, the situations intense. Often raw and gritty and at times disturbing, we are immersed into the lives of these three young people and feel their pain, confusion and angst. This is a book that will make you think, and make you want more.”