So Much To Celebrate

Dear readers:

Welcome to blog re-boot. It’s been about nine months since Late Lights hit the stands, and I’m finally ready (i.e.: have time) to share with you some of the victories and insights I’ve accumulated along the way!

One of the biggest victories was also the biggest surprise of the book launch adventure. On August 31st the Deseret News published a delightful review of Late Lights. I had been somewhat surprised when their book reviewer had asked for a copy for review several weeks before ( The Deseret News is a largely conservative and Mormon owned newspaper) but it is one of the two most widely read newspapers in Utah, so I figured I’d roll the dice and see what might happen (though I feared a scorchingly bad review, as LL is replete with bad language and “difficult” themes). The resulting review was, if nothing else, humbling. Christine Rappleye did more than give LL the fair shot I feared it wouldn’t get. I had wrongly assumed that any Deseret News review would be unfairly biased and reflect the morals of their readers. Instead, I found that Ms. Rappleye read LL with an eye for craft and theme, and recognized and appreciated all that LL is meant to be: thematically challenging, and occasionally beautiful. Thank you Ms. Rappleye, for making me feel like a jack-ass, and for reminding me that it is possible to get a fair shake.

For that review and others please see the Reviews tab at the top of the window!

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