Next Generation Indie Book Awards winner for best novel under 80,000 words and best novella – “Late Lights” is an award-winning novella-in-stories about Monty, Erin, and B.J., three childhood friends who have grown into three very different people. Each story delves into a different aspect of their lives, exploring the intensely difficult and complicated realities of their adolescent experience. Juvenile detention, illicit sex, violence, gender-the characters may be young, but the stories are entirely grown up.Late Lights deals with the disadvantages we’re handed and those we make for ourselves. It deals with kids who are almost adults and adults who act like kids, kids for whom we’re scared and kids who scare us, and it’s about the ways we let them down, so that they’re always left looking for some indication they haven’t been forgotten.

Kara Weiss writes beautifully – compassionately, transgressively, and never sentimentally – about the way what we can give each other never seems enough.”

- Jim Shepard, National Book Award Finalist and author of Like You’d Understand, Anyway

“Late Lights is rare if not entirely new breed of book–short stories that read like novellas and the novellas that create an arc that might damn well be called a novel, all done in real poetry of the American city. It’s a voice without defined race, gender or even ideology. It’s the voice of kids bucking lives in America like flowers do sidewalks.”Something Familiar,” is one of the most powerful stories of loss and healing I’ve ever read. Kara Weiss pulls things off that you do not expect her or any writer to. If you love coming of age stories, jail stories, authentic urban lit, or genre-bending slim books that fit in your pocket but bring you straight into the heart of contemporary American urban literature, get LL posthaste.”

- Eli Hastings, Author of “Clearly Now, The Rain: A memoir of love and other trips”